MDP Celebrates 10-Year Collaboration with CIB

December 09, 2021

Masria Digital Payments (MDP) celebrated today the renewal of its cooperation agreement with Commercial International Bank (CIB), Egypt leading private sector bank, for the tenth consecutive year. In 2011, MDP was chosen to supply various high-end products, serving as the foundation of its partnership with CIB and opening the door for future collaborations.

It gives me great pleasure to have an ongoing Collaboration with CIB. We strive to provide the best solutions and services in the card manufacturing and digital payments industry, said Ahmed Nafie, Executive Vice President of MDP. Our customers trust has been and will always be one of the driving forces behind our leading position in the Egyptian and African markets, which is the goal we aim to achieve.

Our 10-year journey with CIB has witnessed great results. We continue to satisfy customers’ needs with an unparalleled commitment to meeting the industry high standards and requirements, stated Ahmed Hamman, Global Sales Manager at MDP.

MDP provides the Bank with an array of customized solutions and services in an effective, professional, and timely manner, said Mohamed Farag, Deputy Chief Operating Officer at CIB. Whenever it comes to banking cards, we can count on MDP to deliver services that meet the highest standards.

Our relationship with MDP is more than just a business agreement, Farag added. It is a valuable Collaboration that promises many future accomplishments, he says.

The success of CIB and MDP& collaborative projects attest to MDP& industry-leading performance, which was evident in the company ability to supply large numbers of debit, credit, and prepaid cards in record time with impeccable quality.

MDP and CIB plan on strengthening their business activities over the coming years by increasing their collaborative efforts while maintaining the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) standards and regulatory controls, which comes in line with the government digital transformation and financial inclusion initiative.
Masria Digital Payments has been at the forefront of manufacturing cards for more than 35 years, developing the latest technologies to lead the electronic payments market in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East.