Transportation Success Story

January 18, 2021

Top-up, Tap & Go


Three words sum-up MDP’s solutions to support a cashless society. Aligned with the government and the Central Bank of Egypt’s moves towards financial inclusion, MDP, with its 35-year-old heritage, has succeeded in planting its digital prints all over the transportation sector in Egypt. If you are in Cairo moving around by the underground metro, bus, or train, you are definitely using MDP cards and digital platforms.

Leading with Cairo’s rapid transit system “Cairo Underground Metro”, more than two million cardholders are now using MDP’s transit smart cards.


"Since 2010, people have been using our pre-paid cards for facilitating their daily commutes. The cardholders no longer have to be concerned about how much extra time they need for the queue. They don’t need to worry about not having the right change. And the most interesting part, they don’t even have to get the card out of their wallets. They just tap and go!" says Ahmed Hammam, Global Sales Senior Manager at MDP.


With their remarkable level of service and exceptional turnaround time (TAT), MDP has played a significant role in reducing queueing time inside the typically busy metro stations. It has also taken the cash collection process into another level. With no obligatory packages or top-up conditions, cardholders can top up their cards upfront, at their choice of time and place. This has improved the cash management process for both the Cairo Metro and travelers. On top of that, MDP has maintained a high retention rate by recurringly supplying smart cards for more than 10 years.

More than one million passengers are currently enjoying a more seamless experience traveling by the Egyptian National Railways.  With the same simple and flexible top-up schemes, available online and offline, travelers can purchase and top up their railway cards at their own convenience and conductors check “tickets”, or cards, via a handheld Point of Sale (POS). Now an end-to-end solution is offered. Such fully digitized systems, powered by MDP, went a long way with social distancing and contactless interactions.

A very similar solution was mirrored with Mowasalat Masr, facilitating the same digital concepts that streamlined Metro and Railway transport to inter-city buses.

With MDP’s transportation solutions, inter and inner-city travel in Egypt is seamless, cashless, online, socially distanced, and never easier!