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In cooperation with MDP - Midbank launches the “VISA Signature” credit card to provide distinguished services to its customers

December 12, 2021

In cooperation with Masria Cards& Digital Payments (MDP), the leading manufacturer of cards in Africa and the Middle East, Midbank launches the "VISA Signature" credit card to provide their customers with exquisite services with a touch of luxury.

The "VISA Signature" credit card offers a range of services to keep pace with the modern lifestyles of Midbank customers and fulfil all their aspirations by providing them with an exceptional banking experience both locally and globally. "VISA Signature" offers Midbank customers exceptional purchasing power and a rich range of services characterized by luxury and extravagance, such as access to more than 1,000 VIP lounges at airports in over 300 cities across the world, as well as numerous deals at restaurants and airport lounges. In addition to exclusive offers at many of the world's most luxurious hotel chains.

Midbank's "VISA Signature" credit card can be used for local purchases, international purchases, and cash withdrawals granting customers the ability to issue up to 3 supplementary cards. Cardholders join an exceptionally rewarding points program and are offered various and flexible instalments up to 36 months on purchases with competitive interest rates—in addition to a contactless feature that offers a quick and smooth shopping experience.

Amr ElGarhy, Chairman and CEO of Midbank, emphasized that "the launch of VISA signature reflects the bank's strategy that has been launched along with the slogan "Empowering Your Future" since the strategy aims to improve the portfolio of services and products the bank offers to its customers, focusing on offering services to support digital transformation."

Omnia Shaheen, Head of Retail Banking at Midbank, added: "We are always keen to follow the changing and evolving needs and priorities of customers, which enhances the portfolio of retail banking products offered by the bank to meet the needs of all our customers." "Our incessant eagerness to meet the needs of customers through flexible payment products and solutions with unique privileges is the motivation towards such a fruitful cooperation to launch the VISA Signature credit card as one of the first banks in the Egyptian market. " "The cardholder has privileges while traveling, and their trust is our ultimate motive." she added.

Ahmed Nafie, Executive Vice President of Masria Cards & Digital Payments (MDP), expressed pride in this partnership with Midbank to provide the best solutions and services in the industry in terms of production, issuance, and management. Ahmed, from his side, added, "Customers’ trust is one of the main factors that established our company’s leading position in the Egyptian and African markets, considering this trust as the main goal that the company is always striving to achieve."

About MDP:

Masria Cards &Digital Payments has been at the forefront of manufacturing cards for more than 35 years, developing the latest technologies to lead the electronic payments market in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East.