Stars of MDP

Stars of MDP: Sherif Assem

February 15, 2021

<p>Change as a concept can be applied to many of our life aspects. It is the key component that gives our lives new variables to steer away from any boring routine. While some people fear it and others embrace it, Sherief Assem managed to bring the best out of it. Assem joined MDP in 2014 as an IT manager. With a set of salient skills and a far-sighted vision, he excelled in handling all of his job duties. Due to his wide-scope of knowledge and his keen passion, he was handed the responsibilities of the Personalization Department as well.</p>


<p>Carrying that number of responsibilities encouraged Assem to hone his abilities and dig into a deeper ocean of knowledge. This ton of workload didn&rsquo;t only pull him out of his comfort zone, but also his peers. Assem managed to get his fellow peers on track to apply some dramatic changes to MDP&rsquo;s working environment. As a result, workers&rsquo; time-waste was significantly improved and productivity increased. He was later promoted to be the Plant Manager in 2015 then the Manufacturing Operation Director in 2017 proving that change can accrue into one&rsquo;s best interest.<br />


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