Stars of MDP

Stars of MDP: Hoda Ibrahim

January 19, 2021

<p>&ldquo;Masria Digital Payments has always been my second home. I&rsquo;ll stay grateful for it and for all the opportunities of learning and self-development that I find here every day,&rdquo; says Hoda Ibrahim, Sales Coordinator. Hoda has been a part of Masria Digital Payments (MDP) for almost 14 years. A long journey of perseverance and success is now unveiled by Hoda Ibrahim reflecting on a successful past and looking into a promising future.</p>


<p>Studied at the language department at Azhar University, Hoda has always liked to seek challenges and tackle them. Back in 2000, she started her first job after graduation as a professional translator. &ldquo;By coincidence, I heard about MDP and their need for hiring a receptionist,&rdquo; says Hoda. &ldquo;I hence joined MDP as a front-desk receptionist. That was in 2006 and from here my journey of self-discovery has just started.&rdquo; Hoda realized her love for the different approaches to communication. Whether via emails or on phone calls, the devoted receptionist could build rapport and trust with a wide range of MDP&rsquo;s clients.</p>


<p>Today, over 40 clients from Egypt to Libya and Algeria appreciate Hoda&rsquo;s keenness and efforts in following up on their mutual projects with MDP. Today MDP is also paving the way for its clients with comprehensive streamlined payment solutions. &ldquo;It is a huge leap of success. I&rsquo;m proud of being here, taking part in MDPs transformation, but also witnessing how its future might be conceived,&rdquo; Hoda Ibrahim states.</p>


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